This is a shameless attempt to save the the most advanced civilization in
history from imminent self destruction by eliminating carbon emission,
dependence on foreign sources of fuel,obesity, hypertension and diabetes.
Cycling accomplishes all those things at once and helps us develop a better
understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship to the cosmos.

Oh, horse puckey!
I like to ride bikes, have been doing it all my life.
The rest of that crap is just a fringe benefit,
and the blogosphere gives me a chance to share my interior
monologue with virtual rather than imaginary friends.

Monday, August 18, 2014

I haven't seen this before!

A nearby town, Paw Paw Michigan, has installed some bike friendly ideas in their business district.
It is a state highway which runs through town,
I know the color of the bike lane is odd, but it definitely has visual impact.
What I really like is the reverse diagonal parking.
Not only does it provide better visibility when leaving the space,
anybody accessing their trunk or hatchback will be on the sidewalk side.
It seems like it will quiet traffic a bit as well.  Parking will be more like accessing a parallel parking so vehicles will have to slow down.  It will be interesting to see how people react to it.

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