This is a shameless attempt to save the the most advanced civilization in
history from imminent self destruction by eliminating carbon emission,
dependence on foreign sources of fuel,obesity, hypertension and diabetes.
Cycling accomplishes all those things at once and helps us develop a better
understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship to the cosmos.

Oh, horse puckey!
I like to ride bikes, have been doing it all my life.
The rest of that crap is just a fringe benefit,
and the blogosphere gives me a chance to share my interior
monologue with virtual rather than imaginary friends.

Monday, August 15, 2016

You thought electronic shifters were cool, check these babies out!

     A few years ago I revolutionized the world of commuter biking (at least in my humble mind) by creating shopping panniers from reusable grocery bags.  I initially used some 1/4 inch hardboard for backing but later replaced that with some lighter corrogated plastic board (the kind you see used for yard signs).  It was a nice solution; I could throw them on any rack, on any bike, they cost practically nothing and I didn't need to carry them unless I needed them.  It took almost 5 years but they wore out and tore.  Well, you can't keep anything nice these days so I looked for something more durable and longer lasting.  All the "shopping panniers" on the market are nice, there seem to be hundreds now, but they also cost hundreds of dollars.  No kidding, most are $50+  per bag and they may be more durable, but they will wear out.  
      One thing in life that seems to function forever is Wald products.  Their baskets seem to be timeless.  You just about have to be deliberate about harming them.  I've had a pair of their folding baskets forever, but haven't used them for ages because they have to be attached to the rack all the time and they are an extra 2# a piece to haul.  In my interweb travels I ran across a dealer who listed a new quick release model.   Yippee! I thought.  They were out of stock, but I am patient and went back to the website a week later to find they had disappeared.  I checked the Wald website and found no mention.  Hmm.  Well, it all saved me money because I started thinking (it hurt a little and was kind of scary) and came up with my own quick release solution.
 I added some small stainless steel S biner clips and an elastic velcro strap.
 In 30 seconds or less I added them to Byron.
 Took off to the local grocery,
and came back with a bunch of food.
No muss no fuss.
They didn't even rattle!
    The cool thing is that I can take them off when I don't think I'll need them for a while. I can put them on 2 of my other bikes without a hassle.  They are great!  Grocery baskets when you need them, no dead weight when you don't.  Using a different bike for the day and expect to make a stop at the farmer's market on the way home?  No problem,   Need some panniers for a weekend trip to a B&B or campsite?  No problem.  This makes electronic shifters seem pretty mundane in the great scheme of things.  I predict it to catch on and change life forever in the realm of Dorkdom.

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  1. This is brilliant. I've always wanted to use those folding baskets, but didn't get them precisely because I don't want them to be on the bike all the time. I think I'll do this when my current grocery pannier wears out. Thanks!