This is a shameless attempt to save the the most advanced civilization in
history from imminent self destruction by eliminating carbon emission,
dependence on foreign sources of fuel,obesity, hypertension and diabetes.
Cycling accomplishes all those things at once and helps us develop a better
understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship to the cosmos.

Oh, horse puckey!
I like to ride bikes, have been doing it all my life.
The rest of that crap is just a fringe benefit,
and the blogosphere gives me a chance to share my interior
monologue with virtual rather than imaginary friends.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ok, I give in, after all it is a new year

        I generally refuse to make a New Years resolution because it only tends to map out and gauge the lack of resolve each of us have in our character.   I don't do the weight loss spiral, more money  thing, long lost love and absolute change in my life crap, because that's what it is--crap.  Actually people spend very little time making unrealistic goals and telling their friends it is a resolution.  They almost immediately fail because it is unrealistic.  But it is a new calendar and a goal I've had for several years which I can pursue this year is travel each month, and, of course that means using a bike to do it.   I'm not crazy enough to go riding on overnight trips in the dead of winter ( I don't think)  but I did buy a folder this year to use when I travel by train and have a couple trips planned for the next two months.

        But thanks to my new status as a single person (as opposed to single parent) since my son is in college, I now have time for my real love -- cycletouring.  I am sincerely looking forward to a monthly overnight and a couple week long tours I have planned now that I have expanded my bike selection to include a bona fide  touring bike.

 So that's as well defined as I get, not a resolution but the realization of a goal I have had for years while raising my child.

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